By Tom Wilton:

When I first heard that Luis Miguel Echegaray was making a TV pilot, I was excited. We'd worked together previously on my NYC-set verite feature Vinyl, where he had mentioned to me that he was getting into writing.

Fast forward a little bit, and Luis, along with some good friends and talented actors, produced i&bklyn&u - a smart and funny comedy about the small stuff in a regular relationship, leaving out the histrionics and high drama, instead finding the humor (and occasional angst), in the oft-forgotten moments.

I give you Exhibit A - the 'state of the bathroom' conversation.

Of course, none of this would work if the performances of Caroline Barad and Luis himself weren't just perfectly placed. It's their chemistry as Dennis and Madeline that sells the premise of a couple still in love, if not slightly irritated by each other's idiosyncrasies. And of course, the pilot is wonderfully rounded out with support from John Rankin as Gus and Jenni Dickson as Cindi.

If there's a downside to this project at all, it's there's only one show. ONE! I wanted to know more, to see inside the life of Madeline and Dennis some more, if only to reflect on the knowingness of life in the real. But of course, let's not sweat it here - who knows what might come down the road, if not from these guys collectively, absolutely from them as individuals. Because if this show proves anything, it's that they're too good to not be seen more (and soon, hopefully).

In fact, NBC Latino certainly seemed to think so too.

So what comes next? Who knows. But in the meanwhile, check out the pilot on the site now (whilst it's still playing here, or after the fact on Vimeo.

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