Thursday, April 16, 2015

Now Screening: Alexia

April 16 2015 by @TomWilton

One night, Franco (Sergio Berón) finds himself clicking on the Facebook profile of his ex girlfriend, Alexia (Pilar Boyle). It's her birthday, but she's not around to 'like' the messages her friends have left because Alexia is dead. And of course, Franco blames himself.

On the advice of his new girlfriend (played by Paula Carruega), Franco decides to remove Alexia from his circle of friends. But with one click, he has no idea what he’s just unleashed. It seems Alexia is not quite ready to be forgotten.

Taking a few notes from J-horror benchmarks such as Ringu or Ju-on (aka The Grudge), Alexia is classic creep-scare horror from Argentinian filmmaker, Andrés Borghi. Though there are some similarities to the recent Unfriended, it plays more like a old ghost story than a parable for our digitally connected times.

Writer and director Borghi clearly understands the genre and form, keeping the story to a tight 9 minutes, whilst still managing to hit genre-necessary beats. We get a tragic death, the protagonist’s guilt, a rescuer on the way and even a classic jump scare. When you throw in the scary-monster elements and supernatural forces, you have a film that knows exactly what it needs to do and just when to do them.

You can catch Alexia on Cinema Zero now, or after the fact on YouTube. Just be sure to keep the lights on.

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Dispatch from Cinequest Film Festival - Wrap Up

March 6 2015 by Jeffrey P. Nesker @JeffreyPNesker

With both Tom and Fiona now gone I hunkered down and got into Cinequest proper, meeting lots of amazing people and catching as many films as I possibly could. After a while of course, like a lot of people in attendance, I found I had fallen into a rhythm. I came to think of it as the ‘Cinequest Shuffle’.

Mornings began with a trip to the VIP Lounge, for some much-needed caffeine (or more likely, a hair of the dog). After that, we’d head onto screenings, and then around 5pm, head to the VIP soirees for a two-hour meet at the open bar. Follow this with whatever films you can squeeze in till 9pm, when you head onto the Maverick Meetups, which are simply epic. Do this for enough days in a row and you soon realize just why the festival is so popular. 

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Dispatch from Cinequest Film Festival - Day 4

March 2 2015 by Tom Wilton @TomWilton

Today’s my day for checking out of Cinequest 2015, and honestly, while I look forward to returning to snowy New York, I’ll miss the good times I’ve had here in California. Obviously, as I mentioned in my post on Write Shoot Cut, I didn’t know really what to expect, or how the festival would even play out. And yet, here I am, waiting on my flight, beaming from ear-to-ear because I’ve realized just how much can be taken from a well-run event, when everybody is open and enthused. It’s a totally different experience to any other festival I’ve visited before.
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Dispatch from Cinequest Film Festival - Day 3

March 1 2015 by Jeffrey P. Nesker @JeffreyPNesker

Day one of the festival proper for us began at 2:30AM, in the shuttle bus from our hotel back to O'Hare International Airport, where we were surprised to see our flight from Chicago to Phoenix was overstuffed with equally overtired, and irate, people. Headphones on. Time to disappear into the new Panda Bear record.
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Sunday, March 1, 2015