From the film, Kenneth, Oliver Semple (co-writer & producer), and Duncan Casey (who plays the title role of Kenneth), join the podcast to discuss the making of the film and the journey of it so far.

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Filmmakers are nothing if not an incredibly resilient bunch.

From having to stretch a coffee-and-sandwiches budget for a crew of ten, to banding together well past 3am in the freezing cold, just to get that shot, the spirit of camaraderie on is set is always incredible.

Of course, that sense of unity goes beyond individual projects - filmmaking is a global community, and that's one of the reasons Cinema Zero exists. After all, only crazy can ever truly understand crazy.

So today, I wanted to bring some attention to one of the filmmakers that we’ve screened here on Cinema Zero, Michael Middleton-Downer.

As with most of the filmmakers we get the joy of showcasing, we try to keep up with them after the fact, sticking to the truism that indie filmmakers always offer support whenever and wherever possible. Back in April, we screened Michael’s very sweet two-minute-and-change short film, Top Hat. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can see the film below. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

Seen it? It’s good eh?

Well, the reason I'm talking about Michael is that, sadly, his mother passed away on July 26th 2014. She spent her remaining days at St Wilfrid's Hospice in Chichester, England.

Whilst I’m sure that Michael and all his family would really just like their mother back, sadly nobody can do that. However, I was amazed to read that Michael and his siblings are going to do something quite incredible in her honor - they’re going to be taking part in the Great South Run on Sunday 26 October 2014, raising money for St Wilfrid’s.

When I heard about this, I was not only floored by their determination, I was also inspired by their courage, and I thought that many of Michael’s fellow filmmakers would be too.

It costs £20 ($30) per person, per hour to care for patients and to support their loved ones in their remaining days at St Wilfrids, and yet, the hospice relies almost entirely on donations to cover their costs.

Whilst this is a site for films, and this blog is primarily about filmmaking, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to reach out to the very same community that I know would be the first to carry a heavy camera bag or rig lights for their fellow movie makers. Showing support is just a part of our nature.

I know from speaking to Michael that the great comfort he and his family received from St Wilfrids is beyond any price that could be named, and I contacted him asking if he would be okay with me reaching out to you guys in a gesture of support. So here we are - filmmakers being given an opportunity to support filmmakers.

Cinema Zero doesn’t charge anyone to show their movies, or audiences to enjoy what we screen. We do it because we love cinema, and we believe in getting more attention on those filmmakers. Of course, in an effort to keep the lights on, we have begun to occasionally run ads on blog posts and the filmmaker interviews. This month (September 2014), in support of our fellow filmmaker and his siblings as they do something truly amazing, we’ll be donating that ad revenue to St Wilfrid’s.

If you want to show your support also, just follow either of the links below.

Thanks for reading.

Tom - Cinema Zero founder.

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Filmmaker, Delphine Batier joined the podcast to discuss her short movie, A Human Game.

As well as the movie itself, Delphine also discusses her brand-building strategy, including the shooting of a pilot for a web-series, entitled Remains (which you can see here).

Find out more about Delphine's work via her website,

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