Today is a good day for a refresh.

At the time of writing, we're hosting our twentieth film on the Cinema Zero platform, and are reaching more and more people every single month.

Of course, in the time since Cinema Zero was announced back in March of this year, a lot has happened. From the podcasts and expanded talks, through to the launch of Cinema Zero Distribution, we've definitely expanded faster than we thought we would, stretching the very edges of the site as far as we could to accommodate the growth.

Soon it became obvious that the site needed to breathe a little more, and the first place to start was by introducing this blog.

Anybody who has been paying attention to the video interviews that we've been hosting will see that there's a lot of conversation around filmmaking as a business. It's hard enough shooting a movie, but what do you do with it after the fact?

Indeed, this is the whole reason for why Cinema Zero exists in the first place - to offer a curated platform whereby filmmakers can share their work freely with the world.

But the more we've looked beneath the surface of filmmaking, the more we've realized just how much more awareness and knowledge-sharing there is to do. And so, this blog will be a part of that.

Think of it as a place to find updates, insights and occasional guest posts from filmmakers, talking about what it took to get their projects made. We'll also be pointing you to plenty of other resources from around the web, letting you know where you can find the best information and advice.

Along with the blog, we've also made some obvious (and some not so obvious) design changes, all intended to help you find the films you want.

As always, the primary focus is to bring kickass movies to the attention of the world. And so, in addition to everything else, we've restructured the timescale over which a film will be screened. We're moving from a 3 - 10 day model, to a 7 - 10 day model, so as best to give every film we show a chance of being discovered.

And as before, the entire site is free. Free to watch, free to submit. In addition, we'll keep the dialog open, and so, if we make any future changes, you'll hear about them in advance, on this blog, and you'll always have your chance to tell us what you think. In fact, we believe that Cinema Zero can be something pretty damn awesome with you involved, so if you've got something to say, feel free to leave a comment on this post, or to tweet us @cmzro.

Either way, we hope you'll love the changes, and more than anything, we really hope you'll keep checking out the movies.

Tom - Cinema Zero 

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